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Meet the Entrepreneur


As an Entrepreneur Ms. Al Maktoum always had a passion for luxury handmade jewelry and of course love wearing them. From a teenager she started making  handmade jewelry and crafts for herself, family and friends. Years later she realized that she could turn her passion into a money-making opportunity. That is when she decided to launch Shakira’s Luxury Collection Inc.   With her wild imagination, creativity and experience she is inspired by her own life experience and created a unique collection of handcrafted jewelry. She has created a masterpiece of her collection for a lifetime to come and hope that she can leave a legacy forever. Coming from a background of different cultures, beautiful sunshine, hot caribbean weather, desert sand, oasis and meeting many people from all walks of life, she developed an inspiration to create jewelry. She strongly believes that jewelry is something that makes every women feels special when worn. Every piece of jewelry worn by a women shows the ultimate expression of her personality and a keepsake to treasure forever. 

She created her own handmade jewelry design with precious gemstones and other fine charms and beads. With a wild imagination of creativity and experience she created designs that can capture your heart. Some of her  jewelry and designs are slightly different because of the size and shape of the gemstones. Every piece of handcrafted item comes with unique craftsmanship that makes each piece very exquisite and dazzling.  

We hope our unique handcrafted custom designs of jewelry will bring great compliments to your and your family.