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Shakira’s Luxury  Collection Inc., was founded by S. Almaktoum in State of New York, USA, the City that never sleeps.  We create HANDMADE jewelry design with precious gemstones and other fine beads and charms. Are you looking for a special handcrafted piece of jewelry online? Then look no further!  We have a wide selection of unusual handcrafted bracelets, necklaces, earrings, European style snake chain bracelets, bangles and other accessories. With a wild imagination, good creativity and experience we have created new designs that will captivate your heart.  Handcrafted with a variety of precious gem accents, our jewelry are completely unique, special and designed to match whatever outfit or occasion you choose to wear it. Whether you’re going out for business, pleasure and flirtatious or couture or classes, you’ll find a piece of jewelry  that is perfect to compliment your individual style.  We hope our unique hand-crafted jewelry will bring you great compliments, happiness and pleasure in wearing them.  Every piece of Jewelry is created with a simple design that is elegant and unique and has a story to tell.
Our Mission:   To produce  the best hand-crafted jewelry and to be famous for our unique pieces featuring expensive  gemstones and precious metals and materials in the world.  To leave a legacy of hand-crafted jewelry for generations to come.  To provide the best customer service and satisfied all our clients.  To create unique designs into a dazzling world of elegance.

Below are a few Bracelets from Shakira’s Luxury Collection.

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